How to become a Facility Engineer Manager.

The first step to become a facility engineer Manager is obtaining the proper education. You will need to complete at least a 4 year bachelor’s degree program. You degree field will be revolved around structural, mechanical and manufacture engineering. After completing your degree. You would want take on as many intern opportunities as possible, along with employment in related fields. When aiming towards a management position one of the key factors revolves around your experience during and after college. Obtaining an EPA Certificate, CFM certificate and other certification is very important to have with hopes of a higher position. It is very important to maintain certification. Although it all depends on the employer, a Professional Engineering license may not be required, but most of the time it is required.

Some of the key skills to being a Facility Engineer are being very familiar with verbal and written communication, MAYA, ReliaSoft Weibull ++6, Mathworks MATLAB, knowledge of structural codes and the ability to read and fully understand blue prints. Mastering these keys will help you move your way up in the facility. To work your way up to management you must demonstrate your hunger, simply because there will be other facility engineer with the same goals. Take care of the facility, engineering is one thing you demonstrate your interest towards. However, keep the facility up, such as the cleanliness of the facility, organizing, arranging, reporting unusual activity, giving feedback, and staying out of gossip. Maintain a positive, and hardworking attitude. With any management position in any field, your leadership skills along with experience, performance, attendance and who you are as an employee plays a major role in the elevation of your career.

Along with proving skills in terms of the educational portion. You must have great problem solving skills. Always make sure you are the go-to guy or gal in the facility. The employee who just knows every darn thing about the facility and he/she has only been there for 1 year. 70% of degree holders put an end to their education after completing their degree. Most of them are sick of schooling, they just want to gag from the thought of researching, syllabus, seminars, and blah… blah… blah…(is class over yet?). Think about it, you’re done schooling, you’ve gained all of the key skills and knowledge to apply yourself. Now the only thing left to do is get a job, apply everything you’ve learned and you’ll gain experience from there. While that is definitely the main goal. However, in order to reach any higher position whether it’s a supervisor, manager, assistant manager, or even as high as the CEO. You have to keep educating yourself. Read about a new software or a new code you ran across at work, cause there will be things you haven’t seen before. Your manager will be there to help you with the new information, however in your spare time, educate yourself.

Ground Maintenance-Enhancing the Image of Your Company!

Running a successful business entails adopting a wide range of practices. One such practice is proper ground maintenance in Peterborough, where they haven taken to sorting the environment in a much more productive way than neighboring cities. Many business owners may underestimate the importance of maintaining clean grounds. The first thing that people notice upon visiting your company is its surroundings. First impression is very important as it remains engraved in the minds of your clients. Poorly maintained grounds could adversely affect your business. After all, if you cannot manage the exterior of your premises, how can you manage client resources?

Besides creating a good image for your company, ground maintenance can boost the morale of your employees. Studies indicate that the environment in which employees work greatly impact their productivity. By maintaining an orderly and clean environment to work in, employee productivity is boosted. As staff productivity improves, customer satisfaction improves resulting to business success.

With proper ground maintenance, you are assured of safety in the workplace. You are able to stay away from workplace claims and lawsuits. Poorly maintained grounds could result to injuries and this could cost your business hefty court penalties. As a business owner, you need to rest assured that your premises are safe for your clients as well as employees.

Well maintained grounds could enhance the functionality of your business. Grounds surrounding your business premises could have a wide range of uses. For instance, you could hold business exhibitions on such grounds. With well-maintained exteriors, you can take advantage of all space available to steer your business forward.

How can you successfully maintain your grounds? You can achieve this by seeking professional maintenance services. Experts offer a wide range of services including lawn maintenance, landscape design and seasonal color displays among others. You will definitely have your grounds transformed!


A facility management system refers to a system that focuses on enhancing service delivery in an effective and efficient manner in an organization. This system coordinates the environment with other factors like employs, space and technology to work harmoniously for optimum results and success of the organization. A facility management system is installed to do routine checks, tests and inspection in the organization. This system is crucial for every organization as it enhances safety of employees, increase the durability of machines and reduces wastage by optimizing all available resources.

This system is also very effective when it comes to cost reduction. Having seen what a facility management system is and its importance, let us look at the cost associated with the installation of such a system. The average cost of installing a facility management system varies depending on size of the organization, features and the functions it is expected to perform.Generally a facility management installation system cost ranges between $3,000 and $4,000. This price however is an estimate.

The actual cost of installation is determined by the cost of the software being used for management. However for small businesses that do not require a lot of function a mobile phone operated facility management system can be used. These mobile operated system is cheap and effective for small businesses. The service can cost as low as $ 50 per month. However as the case with a system that provides full services the cost of the mobile system installation also depends on the functions it is expected to fulfil.